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Become a ToxicHustle member and gain a creative edge with over 600+ Graphic Packs, soon-to-launch Media Training, and an expansive Audio/MIDI loops library. Plus, navigate the financial markets smartly with Stock/Bitcoin trading data now available. Your journey to mastering art and finance begins here.

Themed Graphic Packs

Discover over 600+ images in our Themed Graphic Packs. Unlimited access for members. Perfect for presentations, website designs, and more.

Media Training

Soon, delve into web, music, and graphic design with our tutorials. Members will unlock a world of learning and creativity. Elevate your skills at your pace.

Audio / Midi Loops

Soon, members will access a vast library of Audio/MIDI loops. Explore a spectrum of sounds and rhythms, enhancing your productions effortlessly.


Dive into our Stock/Bitcoin trading data. Members, empower your trading decisions with market insights, now at your fingertips.
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